Friday, August 13, 2010

My Great Quaid

Everybody knows who is Leader.So my great leader(Quaid) Muhammad Ali Jinnah.In my country no body know who he was and now where is his family.Alas I am also one of them.But I have some rare pictures of my Quaid. In other hand our recent politicians have remove the pics of Quaid from Presidency and Governor House Lahore.It is really very hard to bear it.

      At the time of death my Quaid Said that " I won't take even one rupee from the money of my Nation"

This was my Quaid who is still alive in the heart of True Pakistani People

That's My Quaid Style; 

                                                             Poonja Jinnah ( Quaid's Father)

                                                                Quaid's Blood Brother

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