Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learn to survive: Time Management a Great Trick to Modulate Our Lives

A pragmatic approach by the cute animal for learning something for better 

Learn to survive: Time Management a Great Trick to Modulate Our Lives: "Time management is a nice
philosophy to reshape our lives.In-fact it the time to ask anything in no time and we have to consider the importance of DO's and NOT TO DO's in our daily lives"

Time Management a Great Trick to Modulate Our Lives

Time management is a nice philosophy to reshape our lives.In-fact it the time to ask anything in no time and we have to consider the importance of DO's and NOT TO DO's in our daily lives.It is a famous notion that we are busy too but do nothing as it truly depicts the reality of wasting our precious time in unmanageable activities during our daily task performance.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to Be Happy

This is the age of depression anxiety so people often try to relax themselves mentally to get some kind of happiness in real life realm.This is a collection of some valuable tips and suggestions to keep the persons happy who feel real boredom due to challenging life problems to get away the mental exhaustion.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010


The Ministry of Education has assigned the task of conducting the Local GRE-General test for Higher Studies to the National Testing Services (NTS).
Applications are invited for studying abroad under the Commonwealth General Scholarships Program for the year 2011. Scholarships are Fully Funded and final selection will be made by the donor country.
Scholarships are expected to be offered by U.K, Canada, Brunei, New Zealand and Malaysia.

More Info: http://www.nts.org.pk/NTSWeb/CW2011/CW2011.htm

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Great Quaid

Everybody knows who is Leader.So my great leader(Quaid) Muhammad Ali Jinnah.In my country no body know who he was and now where is his family.Alas I am also one of them.But I have some rare pictures of my Quaid. In other hand our recent politicians have remove the pics of Quaid from Presidency and Governor House Lahore.It is really very hard to bear it.

      At the time of death my Quaid Said that " I won't take even one rupee from the money of my Nation"

This was my Quaid who is still alive in the heart of True Pakistani People

That's My Quaid Style; 

                                                             Poonja Jinnah ( Quaid's Father)

                                                                Quaid's Blood Brother

Friday, August 6, 2010

Real Picture of Pakistan

                  This is a true picture of Pakistan.As we know that Mr. 10% got a golden chance to get a resonable position in Pakistani politics.In other hand Pakistan is facing a different types of challenges It wouldn't be wrong to say that the present time very very crucial for not only  the Pakistani politics but for nation also.
                  And a so called chairperson of  Pakistan People party is on Tour to Europe and visiting his Private residence. Just Pakistani nation knows how it can bear the President Mr.10%


          Alas!  This is a True Picture of Pakistan

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

101 Tips for Graduats

Enjoy the new release of 3 pakistani idiots you have never seen before. PAKISTAN KHAPPEY KHAPPEY
watch and comment about this interesting picture.
"if you do not want to be such kind of fool and the central figure is a non graduate president of pakistan.So please read the book 101 tips for graduates for not to be such ridicules."

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Free voice changer software applications

Fake Voice 1.766

Fake Voice is a voice changer software that helps you change your voice to male, female, old, young, teen, hard, robot, shrill, or some one totally new. It helps you transform your voice to something new. Just integrate Fake Voice with your IM and do voices with your friends.
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AV voice changer
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Voice Changer For Series 60 Symbian Mobile Phones
This is a tremendous software which is absolutely free to download for Symbian mobile phone applications.You can change your voice in numerous ways like your favorite voices and also change the pitch quality of your voice.
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Learning 4 Learn

Start getting knowledge today before its get too late to pace the world.Spread the knowledge as you  can because today the challenges for humanity are much more tough to complete in this age.

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